World of Wellness was created to provide real nutrition and support for the people we love. These days, so much of what we eat and the products we use are filled with toxins and harmful chemicals. Even when it comes to so-called “nutritional” supplements, most of us can't even pronounce the ingredients listed-- let alone understand what we are actually putting into and onto our bodies.

Nicole and I are both mothers who met while struggling to find products we could feel good about giving to our growing families and count on to keep us looking and feeling great and healthy.

We stand behind the belief, "Less is more." Our products contain pure ingredients for those seeking optimal health and wellness.  We tapped into experts with decades of experience to help us make supplements, shakes and products that are truly made with love and optimal health in mind. 

The response from 3 years on the market has been one of overwhelming positivity.  Along the way, we found that our clients partners were stealing their protein shakes and that moms had found them a safe supplement for their kids as well. We’ve also found that our slogan, “Holistic/Spiritual/Modern”, has become a surprisingly mainstream idea across the nation. 

 Today, World Of Wellness is working on launching our kid's line as well as plant-based, vegan proteins. WOW is also in the process of getting USDA certified Organic as well as joining the non-GMO act against Genetically Modified foods.

Please join the World of Wellness tribe.

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Glam Hippies TM. is a company which will sell all of our favorite Organic / all natural products, apparel and so on. A hub if you will, of everything we use personally and want to share including a few of our own Glam Hippies Products. 

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Wow Moms World, a multifunctional new concept that is as focused on mothers as it is on their children, will combine all the key elements to support pre and post-natal health and development in a social and innovative setting.

We know that being a new mother can be a difficult and lonely time and at Wow Moms World, we are creating a place that celebrates the joys of motherhood.

Our comprehensive approach to early childhood growth rests on the principle that the best way to prepare our children for the world is to prepare ourselves along with them by sharing the excitement of child-rearing not only with seasoned professionals, but with other parents who are living the same experiences.

Housed in a beautiful, trendy and feminine environment, WMW will offer a slate of services ranging from fitness classes, yoga, preparation for delivery for expecting mothers, spa and massage services, educational and activity programs for children, tutoring services for elementary students, a full-service cafe and a baby products store. Unique in North America, we will also be home to the Wowmoms Baby Spa’s that is entirely crafted for a total spa experience for infants.

The core of our space will center around a welcoming, safe and social experience for children in the Play Room, which will provide BPA-free toys and games that drive education and enjoyment. As the children play and learn with our staff, mothers can socialize while keeping an eye on their children in our open cafe that caters to their every need.

Here we will offer a plethora of organic, health-conscious choices such as wraps, smoothies, juices, salads, coffee and tea for moms on the go or those that just need a break. And not forgetting the little ones, the cafe will also provide a baby purée menu- all of which is to eat in or take out.

Afternoons at Wowmoms will offer tutoring services, so when the older children finish school the whole family can work, train, learn or relax in a calm, creative environment that provides the newest and best educational tools.

Last but not least, our in-house retail concept will have our own line of Wowmoms products, as well as books and other tools to help you in your quest of providing a happy and healthy life for you and your child. This will also feature a second-hand clothing store for parents to sell their old, but great items to
the next generation of lucky Wowbabies.

Our first flagship location opened in August 2017 with an initial, 7000 square feet, Wow Moms World will merely be the first iteration of this long-needed oasis. With plans to open additional flagship locations in Southern California and Florida and many other franchises across the world. Wow Moms World hopes to help young families everywhere provide the best possible opportunities for the development of both parents and children. 



450 305-6518