Niko's 2nd Birthday Party : Niko's Rodeo

My god! I cannot believe my baby has turned 2! 

For his 2nd Birthday I decided to go for a Western Theme. I used all of the same vendors from last years Carnival party as they all did a fantastic job, and I added a few new ones to the group.

By now I have become a professional party planner lol. I think of my themes months in advance and literally have the whole party booked and planned out 2 months prior.

Below is a video from the party done by Kittie from

Lori Dorman Photography

.  I use them every time for any baby, family party photoshoot and video I need.  After the video I will include product shots from the party and list the vendors for those who are interested. A lot of the items I bought on Etsy. I love using mom and pop shops and having hand made items as gifts and toys.


I think parties for tots are for both the kids and the adults. As the kids get older the parties become smaller and they are more about the kids and less about the parents.

The invitation was done by my favorite Handmade By Odette.. Ive used her for every occasion since my baby shower with Niko.

Nikos Birthday invitation.

I wanted to make sure for this party that both the kids and the parents were included in the theme. I provided Cowboy hats in both adult and kid sizes along with red hankies in 2 different sizes and sherifs badges so everyone who wanted looked the part.  All of these items were at the "Grab some Gear" station as everyone entered.

Like last year, I had Balloon Lagoon do the balloons. 10-12' balloon cactuses were scattered throughout the party and western themed balloon bouquets.

Check in station at Niko's Rodeo.

Shannon over at The Designerie custom made lots of special wood items for the party like the Western Town people normally make out of cardboard boxes- she made them out of wood so Niko and Tino can reuse them for outdoor play.  The Designerie also did all of my tables and backdrops and lots of props throughout the party. She really masters my vision perfectly every time.

Wooden elements and table decor by The Designerie

Fringe backdrop and table decor by The Designerie

Wooden Candy Sign and table accessories from The Designerie

Wooden Western Town

Leesa at Send In The Clowns has the most amazing booths and stations I could dream of. I did the "build a bear" station again this year as it was such a hit with Niko at his Carnival Party only this time they had western outfits to choose from and Western animals !!! We also had a cowboy vest decorating station and a wooden Train and Cars station where the kids can "build" the trains or cars and then color them. This year I added an inflatable Western town. I always kind of steered away from having a "jumpy castle" bc I felt like they are just filled with germs, BUT, I fell in love with this town and all of the kids really enjoyed it.. I couldn't get Niko out of it- and he didn't get sick LOL. Leesa also made a bunch of custom painted signs for the party and stations. A Petting zoo and Pony rides were also a hit and Im happy I waited for his second birthday to have them because I think Niko understood and could really enjoy and appreciate them vs when he was 1.

Build a buddy station

Outfits for the Build A Buddy Station

Custom signs by Send In The Clowns. My brother and peep my mom being silly lol

Custom Signs from Send In The Clowns

Pony Rides

Petting zoo

Same train from last years party from Send In The Clowns

The blow up Western Town

The cake as usual came from Royal Cakes. They never cease to amaze me with their work. I sent them a variety of pictures and elements I wanted for the cake, they took my vision and provided me with a sketch and seeing it actually come to life at his party is always amazing.

Niko's Rodeo Birthday Cake by Royal Cakes in Glendale CA

This year I also had custom cookies made from You Can Call Me Sweetie. There were so many different custom cookies, even ones to match Niko's Vest.

Cookies from You Can Call Me Sweetie

Cupcakes and toppers by Angela's " A Work Of Heart"

For party favors, my aunt and I filled Burlap bags with lots of healthy treats for the kids, crayons and bubbles and I found mickey and mini mouse Method hand soap so each bag had one of those to keep in theme.  I bought Horse coloring books to keep in theme, and Mickey and Mini Mouse western story books.  I also bought some of my favorite toddler plates and sippy cups from

Replay Recycled

in Red, White and Blue to keep in the American West theme as well. From Etsy I had Stick Horses made and the kids got to grab one of those on their way out too.

Part of the Goodie bag area

I hot glued the plastic badges onto the burlap bags. 

Stick Horses bought on Etsy

Goodie bag area. Waiting for better detailed pics from the photographer. The set up was so beautiful.

For the adults and older kids we had a Candy Buffet with some retro candy which ended up being a big hit.

Wooden Candy Sign and table accessories from The Designerie

Instead of a DJ this time I went for a live band which really made the party feel like we were in the South!

Band was booked through Send In The Clowns

There was also a drummer who sat at the top.

I had hay bales brought in and covered them with navaho style blankets and used them as seats around the picnic tables and throughout the party.

Blankets were bought on Etsy

For food, I used the same company as last year Barts Carts and did barbecue food. Their Fresh Lemonade stand is always a hit! We also had an ice cream sundae bar and Milk shakes and Floats.

From Barts Carts

Niko and Sadie

As for all the presents, what kid doesn't like to get and open presents! So what we do is for every new present we receive, we choose one preloved toy of ours to donate and give away.  As they get older they will understand this more but I know some people make comments like " I hope you donate all those toys" and you can't do that to a 2 year old. Plus, I think I get just as excited to open his gifts and see the look on their faces as they do to receive them. But its important to know and see that giving and giving  back is just nice, fun and important .

Our outfits and Western wear is from a store in the Valley called Country General Store. They had such an amazing selection for the entire Family.

Through the owner of this western store we for referred to a real cowboy. The kids loved him

He did all kinds of tricks with everyone

Niko's Vest was custom made by a lady I found on Etsy. The quality is amazing and so was the price. She also made the Wood and cowhide "Niko's Rodeo" letters over the gift table

I bought Niko's Custom vest on Etsy.

I had these water bottle labels made from Etsy as well

I think that sums up everything. Any questions please ask me in the comment section.

Thanks everyone


 Heres some extra pictures from the party.. Thanks for checking out my blog

Sophie, Jessica and their babies Kalea and Ryan <3

My bestie Katherine (Sadies Mom) and I in our Western Gear

My Best friend since we were Niko's age (2) and Niko's God Mother- Auntie Blair.

A lot has changed since I became a mother, but I couldn't be happier with how my life journey in unfolding.

My sons have given my life meaning, my days a purpose.

I love you Niko mou. Thank you for making me become a mother.

Thank you for choosing me.