My Skincare Routine

I'm 100% a product junkie. I always have been. I love finding the next best thing and trying it out. But in 2012 when I got pregnant with my first son Niko, how I looked at beauty products changed.  I began to look into what is actually in all of the products we use today.  What I found really worried me, actually shocked me. There was no way I wanted some of the ingredients in these everyday products going to my baby, and so I decided to switch all of the products I was using to organic / natural products... except makeup. I haven't actually found an all natural or organic makeup line that I love, that has great pigments etc. So makeup is probably the only beauty product I use that isnt made up of organic or natural ingredients.

Pregnancy has really changed me for the better. I was really extreme with Niko while I was pregnant however.  I wouldn't even go into a hair or nail salon. Instead, I opted to do my nails myself until a few days before my scheduled csection with him.  And since then Ive stuck with my new all natural "habit".

My go to nail polish that is free of all nasties, vegan and even safe to use on kids is

Ella & Mila

Funny enough, I remember after I stopped nursing Niko at 5 months (my milk just dried up) and I finally went to have my first facial in over a year I remember my facialist telling me how good my skin stayed after all this time. And its true!  From feeling like my skin NEEDED a facial every month to going over a year without one, my skin looked better than ever. Sure, I had a few clogged pores and maybe my skin was a bit dull- but it was nowhere as congested as it was before switching to all natural products.

I strongly believe in the power to heal and treat things naturally, and I educate myself all the time on new remedies and all natural products that can help myself or my friends and family. When I post pictures of myself on my instagram account, I get tons of people asking me what I use, or what foundation I'm wearing. The truth is, I dont wear foundation, EVER! ONLY if Im going out at night or have an event or party to go to, but on a daily basis, I cant stand the feeling of foundation on my skin, and I dont like that I cant snuggle up to my boys in fear of them getting a reaction to the makeup. So hearing people rave about my skin makes me really happy and confident in the all natural beauty products I have been using.

So, below I have listed all of the natural products that I currently use and have used in the past.

Current Skincare:

 I love just browsing different stores and website and seeing what products are out there and the ingredients in them. I came across a company called Sibu Beauty that looked interesting so I immediately checked all the products from their company on the website to see how the ingredients ranked as far as toxic or safe. All of the products I was interested in purchasing were in the green zone (safe zone)- AND they are also 100% VEGAN!  One of the main ingredients is Sea buckthorn. They smell nice, arent sticky, a little on the pricey side but if you go on their website they have a 10% off coupon if you give your email address... or just type in (exit10) at checkout.

Since using their products, my skin feels and looks amazing.

 Below are the products I currently use from this company.

Sibu Beauty

I love their eye cream!!!

The scrub I dont currently have but I just ordered it.

When I was pregnant with Niko, and before I started using Sibu,  I used a company called Acure which I really loved as well. Both of these companies are sold at Wholefoods, which have a great return policy, if you try something and you hate it you can bring it back no problem.   After browsing their website I just realized how many other and new products they have. I think Im going to order some from this brand again. I really loved their day time moisturizer.

Acure is also certified organic !!!

Acure Organics

Along with face care, I also used Acures body lotion and shampoo & conditioner. Below are the ones I purchased.. I loved them as well.

After finishing these hair care products I discovered another all natural company and their shampoo and conditioner have been my favorite. I felt that it gave my hair so much volume. These are also sold at Wholefoods.

**** OMG, went to their website to grab pics to post on my blog and I just saw that they have an entire range of products from hair care to skin care, to hair tools and beyond. I think Ill have to order some of their other products and test them out.

Intelligent Nutrients


My go to every time for sunless tanning cream and tanning spray solution is from


The best I have ever used, and its completely safe to cover your entire body with while pregnant, nursing or not, and know your baby is safe from harsh chemicals and toxins.

Thats it for now.

Ill do a post on what makeup I use in a separate post.

Again, please leave questions and comments in the comment section. Hope you love teh products as much as I do.



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