Oh Beautiful Greece !!!

We finally made it to Spetses, Greece and I cannot believe I am actually here. I feel like I have been looking forward to this trip for ages. It hasn't even been a week yet but I have quickly gotten myself out of LA work, prep, beautify mode and into relaxing Sun Goddess Island mode although the trip has been anything but relaxing so far.

Airport Lounge

Travel in Style. Carry on luggage- his and hers

We left LA and went to NY for 2 days as Alki had some meetings which gave me time to spend with my Mom , my Dad and to catch up with my best friend Blair. I also recently sold the first car I ever bought myself when I was 23 years old , a brand new(then)  2008 Mercedes C300 Sport which I "built", as in adding everything I wanted, navigation, panoramic sunroof, leather seats and completely making it how I wanted it! It was in amazing condition; as all of my belongings are, and had super low miles. It was just sitting in my moms driveway in NY taking up space and losing value, so as hard as it was to let it go, it only made sense.

My mom shopped it around to a few dealerships while I was still in CA and found one that gave me more than I was expecting for it, so I let her go the day after they made us the offer. I told my mom I wanted to split the money with her because she bought me my first 2 cars which was a Black Chevy Malibu known as my "boo boo car" and then later a white Honda Accord Coupe. So because I took my Accord and put that towards my Mercedes when I bought it, I felt like it was the right thing to do :) So, with my half of the money I bought myself a watch I had wanted since I was 18 years old... Well, not the color I wanted but it's equally as beautiful; a Black Ceramic Chanel J12 watch with a Diamond Bezel !!!!!

Funny story- when I was 18 I visited Italy with an ex-bf of mine and there were people selling knockoff       Chanel watches in the street, I became obsessed with the white one and rocked it for a year until the paint started chipping off of the metal LOL..  I think I have pictures of this, I will try to find and post.

Anyway, back to my story. So when I flew home to NY my mom had my watch waiting for me- it is the first nice and might I add, expensive watch I ever bought for myself and well worth it in my book :) I really wanted the white one but I wanted it with a different Diamond Bezel which they did not have at the moment and it was also a little more than I wanted to spend at that time, so I went with the black but still plan on getting the white in the future, they are 2 totally different looks.

 I also found a watch that I am DYING for, it will be my next BIG purchase but for a special occasion and also on my wish list *wink wink *, which ever comes first. It is the new 40mm Chopard Imperiale rose gold watch with Diamonds...Enough said! Manifesting now!

It is perfection and timeless

After NY we left for Greece stopping in London for a connecting flight to Athens. We met my brother Steve and my 2 cousins Carley and Hailey in London who are coming to stay in Greece with us for a week and then took the same flight to Athens together. There we were met my step son and were swooped up by one of Alki's family bodyguards and taken by car to the port where our boat waited for us.  It is my brothers and my cousins first time in Greece and they are super excited to be here... I'M super excited to be able to show them one of my favorite places and let them experience its beauty. The 6 of us laid out on the back of the boat on the lounger and all took a nap in the sun. Its about 100 degrees here in Greece but when the boat is moving you really can't feel the heat and its very enjoyable.

We arrive to Spetses about an hour an a half later.  That evening Alki and I took everyone in to town for a coffee. Alki road the scooter with my cousins and I drove my quad with my brother on the back.

Alki is blurred out per his request ;)


The next morning we had my favorite breakfast ever - half an avocado with olive oil and hard boiled eggs with oregano and paprika and of course fresh juice from our juicer. That night my step son came running into my room and tells me to come to his room because he has a dog in it.. Now, I have a very good relationship with both of my step sons, we all joke around and get along great- so hearing this made me think I was in for a major PRANK ! I told him to bring to dog to my room instead, not really believing him until he runs downstairs, comes back up and appears with a beautiful puppy. I was shocked.. Last year my step son (Alex ) and I didn't "find" a dog but we helped care for a puppy that was tied up at the port outside our house and was covered with fleas. So seeing this dog stand before me but now lost with no home my heart melted. She had a collar with no tags; pointless! Her coat was clean, she looked a little thin but healthy- she for sure "had" a home. Alex and I decided to walk the streets outside the house with the pup to see if it's owner was looking for her. It was 2:00am on a Sunday night, the clubs were bumpin, people everywhere but no owner of this puppy in site. We couldn't just tie it up and leave it somewhere, that would be horrible and I mentally wouldn't be able to sleep, so we took her in and she slept with Alex in his room for the night.

Where we eat breakfast every morning.. mainly all our meals LOL

My view... Its of the ocean and distant islands

View from our sitting room

How adorable is her face!


The next day we fed her some breakfast, we have 3 other dogs so finding some dog food in the house wasn't hard LOL. Alki then took Alex and I into town asking every person we saw if they have seen this dog before or know who it belongs to; not one person knew her. After about 45minutes we went back to the house and all sat around the outdoor table to think of cute names to call her in the meantime.  Alex came up with the name Luna, meaning Moon in Greek since we found her at night and the moon was full. It was perfect and fits her well. She gets along great with the other dogs so far and today we went into the town petshop and I picked her up some dry puppy food and wet food to mix into it to get her to eat along with a few toys since she has her puppy teeth and likes to bite and chew on anything she can LOL. We also gave her a bath and put a flea collar on her.

This week we will make a signs and put it in town. I love this dog and of course if we don't find her owners we will keep her and give her an amazing home here in Greece with our 3 other dogs, but someone somewhere must miss her and she is a lot of work, more than I was looking forward to on this time off from my 3 dogs at home in CA....*sighs*

This afternoon we all hung by the pool and then later I took my brother and my cousins in to town to look at some of my favorite shops and walk around. Alki was busy with work stuff so I drove the Golf cart to town instead of my quad since it fits all 4 of us. On our way into town I got stopped by Port Police, they thought I was a tourist and didn't want me to drive the Gold cart into town. They waved for me to pull over and started talking to me in Greek... ( god I wish I could say more than good morning, good evening and thank you LOL...) I can, that was a joke lol, but they talk so damn fast I just called Alki and put him on the phone to handle it. Minutes later they let us go...Whats with my run ins with authorities lately ?!

While in town we went to Yogen Fruz which just opened in Spetses in April. Its similar to a Pinkberry for us on the West coast, you choose your yogurt flavor, fruit toppings, sprinkles whatever you want and pay by the weight. It was super yummy and refreshing on this HOT summer day.

Holla !!! Giving the Italian horns ;)

 Tonight we stayed in and I worked on my blog LOL. Tomorrow we are going on the boat around the island to snorkel and visit this cave that I have shot in before ( pic below ).

With 2 teenage step sons and my family here we have a full house between them and friends. Here is everyone playing cards instead of hitting the clubs lol

Shot 2 years ago in the cave on Spetses Island.

I will take more pics and post soon

Kalinihta - "Good Night"



ps- this beautiful stray we have taken in just bit my hand and made me bleed and went pee pee on our bed....  1:30am - I just can't even deal right now. LOL

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