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The sky was beautiful, made me think of my Grandma

Blogging for my blogger family

Greek Church on Spetses

Peace, Love and Happiness

The view

Mermaid on Spetses


Luna woke up from a bad dream pissed!


No cars, no motorcycles, just walking and donkeys.

Hydra Port

Dress from Jens Pirates Booty

Front of the house. See the evil eye in the driveway

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Our bedroom, simple and serene 

View from our backyard

Lunch on the sea

Our breakfast area

My view

Packed- Some of my Have Faith Swimgerie Bikinis

My daily breakfast

So yummy and healthy

Tanning on our balcony

Back of the house.

I love to swim in the sea. Here with my cousins and brother


Sibling Love


Driving the "car" in town... #celine

On the boat

Tanning Family

Family First <3

My step son, the little photographer.

Boat Photoshoot   www.havefaith.com

Abs. Nice to know handwork is paying off

CRAP. lol


Brother and Cousin



Pool shots with family and friends

At  Sea

Hydra round 2

He's there every time :)

One of my favorite jewelry designers Konstantino. I have a few amazing pieces from him.


My charms both Italian and Greek


My FAVORITE restaurant on Hydra. I always get the same thing. Hummus with pita bread and Eggplant with yogurt and tomato sauce.

So fresh, Hummus and pita

My favorite dish of all time. Eggplant with yogurt and tomato sauce

Look back & get Experience!

Look Forward & See Hope!

Look Around & Find Reality!

Look within & Find Your self.


Why didn't I share this sooner.

 Last year when I was in Greece I ran out of Latisse; the solution that makes your eyelashes grow. I went to the local pharmacy here in town and asked if they had any. The pharmacist took a look at the ingredients on my Latisse bottle, went to her little book and then handed me a box called Lumigan. She took the tiny bottle out of the box and showed me that it was exactly the same only Lumigan is used for "pressure in the eye", also known as glaucoma, but that a side effect of it was eyelash grown of up to 50%. It's even made by the same company as Latisse: Allergan.  I was skeptical but decided to take it and give it a shot. When she rang me up it was about 12 euros, under $20.00. I couldn't believe it! I pay $120 - $140 dollars for Latisse in the states. Long story short, I used it for the remainder of my time in Greece and noticed a HUGE difference. It was just like Latisse if not better and a FRACTION of the cost..

After doing some research today I found this interesting article comparing the two, and funny enough- Lumigan came first, Latisse is a re-branded version of Lumigan and just applied differently.


FYI- when using Lumigan, I apply it the same way I apply my Latisse



And if you have glaucoma, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Turns out Latisse is actually a re-branded version of Lumigan, the anti-glaucoma drug made by 


, which sells both products (as well as other aesthetic product offerings included Botox and breast implants).  And, as with Lumigan, using Latisse presents some possible side effects, including irritated or dry eyes, red eyelids and darkening of the skin around the eyes. As well as much more menacing ones.

While Latisse and Lumigan are the same thing, there are important difference in how they are used. Latisse users are directed to carefully apply the liquid to the eyelash. Lumigan users put drops of the drug right into the eye."

So this time in Greece I decided to stock up on this God sent potion being that it only cost max $20 compared to $140.00 in California, and thought I would share this secret with you. I don't know if it will cost the same in the states or not or if you can get it over the internet but it's worth knowing about.

**Check with your doctor before using any of these products**

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