Getting Ready For Greece.

It's that time of year again when my husband and I go off to Greece for a month or so and I cannot wait to get away. I think mentally knowing we are going away is making me need a break even more LOL. Anyway, in preparing for my upcoming trip I went to 2 of my FAVORITE websites to shop on for some summer goodies for my trip.


Each year I notice my style changing. As you grow you evolve, become more comfortable in your own skin as well as change with the trends. So this year I knew exactly what I wanted.

From the Trend Boutique I ordered some body chains. I want to look sexy but tasteful at the beach and thought by adding some body chains from

Litter SF


Armor Jewelry

I would achieve the exact look I'm looking for to add to my already sexy bikinis from

Have Faith Swimgerie

*wink wink*. I just wanted something different from last year you know... So now I'm waiting for these to arrive, when they do I will do an update with pics on me. 

In the meantime here is what I ordered.

I ordered this hair jewelry chain by Kim Kardashian 's line

Belle Noel

. She was shot wearing it ( pictured below ) and I think its perfect for greece.

Kim Kardashian , Belle Noel

 My other favorite online store to shop at for summer goods is

Jens Pirates Booty

. I have bought from them the past 3 years and I love their clothes. Practically everything is made out of gauze and is light weight, beachy/ island looking and I LOVE LOVE it !!! I just received my package today from them and tried everything on. My cameras battery is dead and so is my iPhone but Ill post pics of everything on me soon. Here is what I ordered!!!

Sometimes they have amazing things on sale like the shirt above- originally $297.00 and I got it for $74.25 !! And its so cute.

I also bought a new YSL Cabas Chyc bag. I already have black and use it ALL of the time but I wanted another. The only tan bags I have are Gucci canvas bags or my Celine Phantom so this was a good buy for me.

I like the print on it.Its suppose to look like lizard, but its leather :)

Flip Flops for summer- I have been wearing Tkees. They are great quality and reasonable price for a "fancier" flip flop.

Some pictures from the past few years in Greece.

Athens, Greece. The Acropolis 

Hydra. Greece

We are always in the papers in Greece :) Pretty cool

Attending the Royal Wedding

So many people lined the streets  to get a glimpse 

LOL, I couldn't walk down the hill in my heels so I took them off... never thinking the picture would make papers.

My step son jumping off the rocks in the back of the house.

There are no cars on the Island, so this is my car :)



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