DMP Plus+ Some Goodies!

Finally a DMP+ post.. I need to start doing them more often because I end up waiting so long and taking so many pictures on different phones, cameras and so on that I forget where they all are... UGH! Anyway, I think I gathered all the new ones I took to share and I also included some regular pics, some NEW Additions and a few pics of my home to hold you over till I make a video of it :)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment

I wore this outfit last night. Leopard top tucked in to ALC black leather shorts from 2 summers ago. Pink shoes I got at 40% off at the Robertson Boutique!!! The currently have nude in that store. The pink came in from NY- maybe they have more- call and see.
I loved this outfit..But I think I loved it more because Im getting in shape and feeling comfortable in my own skin again

Never take yourself too seriously.. Life is too short. Have FUN!!!
Me On Canon Dr in Beverly Hills LOL

I got to drive Alki's car home one night after getting pulled over and Alki didn't have his license on him..
YIPPEE for me, Thanks Officer

Lilly Ghalichi and me getting pretty in our robes. LOL Oh hi bella !!
Robes from Victoria Secret

White Shirt and Red Pants from Intermix, Tan shoes- YSL

Love this Navy leather. Intermix

Lilly Ghalichi and I. We love our Bells
Citizen and Sevens jeans

Plain white tank tucked into jeans with contrast red belt :)
Im sorry, but I was rocking this hair style LONG before snooki made it "popular".. #justsaying
Pic below
Boom !Here at 21 yrs old..
NOt sure if I posted this before... Chloe Wedges 

I am loving peach for this summer. New Bells from Intermix

Wedges from Giuseppe Zanotti
Cruising with my Bestie- Blair in Venice !

Was feeling Neutrals that night .

Tan Tank tucked in to snake skin print jeans. Metallic grey LV belt and tan shoes.

Dinner with my bestie Blair

Thank god for the Bun sponge. When I don't feel like doing my hair I throw it in a bun and it looks so cute.
Check Claires for the Bun Sponge !!

My husband bought me all of the flowers from the lady selling them on the street.. So sweet <3
Although I think the dude in the background got pissed he missed out LOL

Rachel Bernstein, Blair and I after Dinner.  Rachels shirt is from
Put my clip in extensions in for the day <3

She's pretty


Taking my big baby for a walk with my hubby. A great way to keep in shape and spend special time with your family and friends :)

Top from Lulu Lemon, shorts- Victoria Secrets, shoes- Airmax 95'

Just cruising. New glasses from Salvatore Ferragamo
Just pre-ordered these from YSL.. How amazing are they
Shorts by Jbrand NEW from Intermix
Shirt by Bellalux

***BTW- NEIMANS just called me and said the shoes came in!!! HURRY!!!!! 7.18.12***

When Lilly and I said we are normally dressed in gym clothes mon-fri ... we meant it.
Here in YSL on Rodeo. #noshame
No Lies.. Here in Saks in Beverly Hills.
SO  CUTE and great on your lips

Happy 4th ;)

No Makeup

Cute outfit for day or night

Rocking my FAVORITE lashes by Velour lashes. They are called DollMeUo !! The BEST!
( yes, I have to trim mine a little bit, they come very long )

Clip in Hair extensions from The Hair Shop on Wilshire in LA

Rocking my FAV lashes again by Velour !!!

Manooshah and me <3 

Love this maxi from Intermix 

House Of Harlow glasses

He loves his mama
CC Skye earrings 

Early morning breakfast.. we got the 2 best spots at Cecconi's

This tank is from 3 summers ago and I love it

This beautiful necklace hand made by my cousin Jennifer. 
Don't you think our kids would be so damn cute!!!! I can't wait to be a mother, but I am enjoying my time just
Alki and I
Taking a break from work to enjoy my new purchase ;)
Alki, I didn't know you were in this book  LOL

Both in blue and definitely not planned.. Super cute date night just  my hunny and I

Teresa Giudice and I outside Koi. How beautiful is she !
I have on my fav lashes again from Velour Lashes. 

Neon Sport Tank from Forever 21 !! They have some really cute gym clothes

Dirty Couture Shirt!!
Dirty Couture cropped sweat shirt!! " Wild Thing"

Dirty Couture Tank.. My Fav to rock at the gym!

Another Dirty Couture Tank !!! New Ferragamo sunglasses GYM!
Oh my Weakness... 

Cute New Romper from Intermix 

Romper from Intermix, Celine Phantom bag, D&G wedges.

Casual night out. New Orange pants from Intermix 

Shortest heels I own. Lilly hates them lol but they are so comfy and I love the color!

Busting out my Madame Butterfly loubs ! Stella Bag, Herve Skirt

Purple sparkle knit tank from Intermix tucked into Herve Skirt.

Obsessed with my outfit this night. New shoes from Louboutin, Oversized chain necklace from Intermix

Red Lips, Hells Yes!

In Love With These <3 Christian Louboutin

Some Summer Essentials
Sumer time means monthly facials. My skin gets so clogged otherwise :(

Keeping in shape means being active.. Here hiking at Runyon with Lilly

Beautiful view
YAY! We made it to the top. Here with Lilly Ghalichi <3
From doing Gels for a few months now my nails have finally grow long enough to where I can shape them into "stilettos"  ( the pointy shape) without having to use a nail tip !! Rock Star Mani from Chi Nail Bar in Beverly Hills.
New Nails done by Chi Nail Bar.. These are my actual nails. From having Gels on them for a few months they have grown long enough to where I can shape them into "stiletto" nails :)

Barbie Pink Nails from Chi Nail Bar in Beverly Hills

Some of my lounging by the Pool essentials ( flip flops not mine lol )

Bikini Time-
Not sure what my "chicken bone" is doing LOL- but LOVING my Lime Green Bikini from !
LV Beach bag and 3Sum bikini from
Phone case by

Cropped Leather jacket... I think its by Veda... Check Intermix's website!

CC Skye Ring... LoVe
Summer of Sales
YES!!!!! A SALE at Christian LOUBOUTIN!!!!!!!

Of course my booties were NOT on sale, BUT I bought 2 bags that I have been eyeballing for a while now but couldn't get myself to pay the full price for them. When I heard they were 30% off I finally gave in!!!

Christian Louboutin bag- 30% off !

The Shoulder strap is EVERYTHING

Again, Louboutin bag- 30% off at the CL boutique on Robertson
I just bought these at the Robertson Boutique. They were flown in from NY and on sale for 40% off... How awesome!
Me and my Peachka at Louboutin!! ( )
 Having Fun at Louboutin with Rachel Bernstein ( Sunset Blonde ) and Lilly Ghalichi

LOL.. no, I didn't get these

These are so cute.. but I didn't need them in my life.

Loved, but can't walk in them.

On sale as well... But Not for me

Not sure if I ever shared my Pink Chanel Bag... Bought it on Robertson a few months ago. LOVE

Cute White Jean Vest
Dior Glasses
My baby Bella ( white ) and Rachel's baby Honey !! Puppy Play date 

Winter time , but don't think I shared.. Sun Glasses from Louis Vuitton
I dyed Bella myself :) 

Isn't she so cute pink!!!!!

Mini House Tour until I get around to making a video (requested)
Just finished planting flowers... So pretty right!!!!! Its always fun doing it yourself.

My baby Armani by the pool <3 

Pretty view from our backyard

Side of the house

Pool area
Our front gates during Christmas :) My mom hand made the wreaths 

Part of my Kitchen.. I love cooking veggies in the Wok !!

Kitchen <3

Breakfast area

Dining room before the chandeliers went up!
In our main hallway.
Part of the front yard

Other side of the front 
My Pool

My BBFFLAAF Blair and I
Have Faith Swimgerie Bikinis !!!

I love this shot.
My Boo

All white everything ;)
Dolling Up My Closet
I decided to redecorate my closet. Its been a year and with the help of my girl Lilly, we did some damage at ZGallerie

Z Gallerie has amazing things!!!

Love all my new Frames!

They have the cutest mirrored jewelry boxes. I think this one was $60 bucks- but great quality!!!

Another cute mirrored jewelry box. Z Gallerie

What my belt drawer used to look like. Total Mess !

Thanks to my Aunt Patty, it is now completely organized... 

How amazing is that, and so easy!! I think you can buy them at the Container Store or Bed Bath and Beyond !

Done.. Thanks Aunt Patty xoxo

New Luscious Lips Lip Plumper ( since Im not doing injections anymore)
Video Tutorial coming soon

VIP Parking at TACO  BELL LOL !!!!My guilt pleasure-  Bean Burrito's with just beans and cheese, no onions and no red sauce! ( I don't eat meat #pescatarian )

The cute quotes to end the post. xx

Quote taken from my Barbie book. LOL.. Hi Hater

Sorry this post was all over the place. Its taken me days to get everything together and uploading the pictures and arranging them.. I have given up fussing over it, the post is what it is. LOL
Hope it gives you some cute outfit and makeup ideas.

Any questions, please leave a comment

Recent photoshoot with my partner Lilly Ghalichi for Regard Magazine.

Lilly Ghalichi and I rocking our own bikinis!!! If the lines own designers wear them, you gotta know they are good!

I love this one of us. xoxoox
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