Daily Mirror Pics... Finally

Hey girls. I am WAY over do for a DMP blog post.. I think between traveling and getting new phones and cameras I had pictures everywhere and it was taking forever to find and compile them. I did the best I could at finding my most recent ones, but I also went through and chose some older pictures that are relevant for the season!!!

If there is something you like or have a question about feel free to leave me a comment <3



Balmain belt over jacket.. Looks way cuter then a jacket is fitted

Clubbing for the first time in over a year with my hunny and friends. Was so much fun. Definitely channeled my inner Guidette for this evening hahahah

Dress from asos.com !!

This dress is Torey Burch. I bought it at a thrift store back in NY and had it tailored to fit me perfect... and of course I brought up the hem A LOT! The Louboutins I have on are a size 6.5 and are for sale! 

Louboutin fun after the gym with my girls <3

2 little girls and A LOT of shoes!!!! 

Barcelona Spain



MAKE-UP SHOW LA.. Jean is back <3

Makeup show in LA

I love the soft colors here. I need to wear this outfit again. 

Lilly and I trying to find my car

Marianna Hewitt- I love her so much.

They had every color celine bag in Switzerland !


Dirty Couture top

Outfit ideas by my girl Lilly <3

Kelly Nishimoto lace pants!!! The ORIGINAL cute booty pants

Doing Hollywood today. I cut the neck line off my top to make it off the shoulder.. WAY cuter

Airport attire

Dressing room fun. I love these green pants

Neon yellow pants <3

Dress from asos.com  Like $60 

My husband LOVES when I have my nails done like this.

Tea at the Montage

Have Faith Swimgerie photo shoot

Bday Tea Party.

Marianna Hewitt and me.. Love this peanut

My birthday present from my husband. He is such an amazing man <3


Bachelorette party in vegas.. Bridal Booty Veil from Have Faith Swimwear.


Mt beautiful cousin Hailey. Only 16years old.. CRAZY!

Gstaad, Switzerland


My beautiful bestie  and partner Lilly Ghalichi and me <3

We found Jesus <3 LOL My little cousin Hailey

My besties

How cute is Mariannas outfit!


Taco truck.. 

Being pretty doesn't always make you happy, but being happy will always make you pretty!

"I think that playing dress up begins at age 5 and never truly ends"

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