My Travels...

It's been forever since I have updated my blog and I apologize for that. After I left Greece we went to Switzerland for 2 days to see family. From Switzerland we went to Sri Lanka for 4 days, then to Dubai for 4 days and then  back in Sri Lanka for 3 days. Then we go to London for 4 days then to my home town NY, then to Tampa to see family and then FINALLY back home to California.. Traveling has been a super fun , but it was a super long trip. The packing and unpacking has officially gotten to me, bc not only do I pack myself, but I pack my Husband as well. I still have a bunch of pics from Greece I need to post and a bunch from Sri Lanka and Dubai. We were going to stop in the Maldives after Sri Lanka for our Honeymoon but it is their rainy season, so we will wait to do a romantic honeymoon trip.

Sri Lanka is beautiful although I haven't seen outside of Colombo which is the city and capital of Sri Lanka. I really wanted to go to the Elephant Orphanage- but its about a 3 hour drive up from Colombo and doesn't look like it is going to happen this trip.

Dubai I have been before and I love it there; The culture really interests me. We stayed at the Burj Al Arab, which is the only 7 star hotel in the world ( not sure if it still is at the moment or not ). The temperature was probably 100 degrees but dry. Alki and I went to the beach everyday; the water was like warm bath water- so amazing yet refreshing. I did however get sick while I was in Dubai.. some sort of food poisoning I think and when we got back to Sri Lanka I went to the hospital to make sure everything was ok. Its really scary going to a hospital in a foreign country- you don't really know what to expect. After having an IV and 3 different meds injected into it our bill came to..... $15.. Can you believe it.. Here in the states that would have cost at least $1500.00.

Anyway, I'm doing better.. not 100%, but better and if Im still feeling sick Ill go to a Dr when I'm back home in California.

I also wasn't posting as much on here because I only have 1 bag of clothes with me, and everything I have worn I've posted- it's more fun when Im home and have new outfits to post and show and talk about...  Daily Mirror Pics and travel pics as well as some new Additions I've picked up along the way i'll post  in a separate blog post.

PS. Missoni for target went on sale yesterday and sold out everywhere. Their website even crashed- Shame I wont have any goodies to blog about- But I can' wait to hear reviews :)



My Travels begin... First Stop- GREECE!

In Town

Being silly.. Loving these high waist shorts

Part of Our home in Spetses Greece.

The backyard

Taking care of the Island cats

Out in the back of the house

My good friend and main model of Have Faith Swimwear, Rachel Bernstein and her Bf Andre came to visit us in Greece. So much fun

Love <3

Dinner in town

Rachel and I at the Hotel in town


In Between Greece and Dubai, Alki and I stopped in Switzerland to visit his mom and sisters. We stayed for 2 nights and then went on to Dubai.

Dubai Airport.. Touch down

We stayed at the Burj al Arab. How amazing is it

Inside the hotel

Our suite

We never used this lol

I could live here.. no problem

All the rooms are 2 floors there

All the beds have mirrors above them LOL..

They give you FULL size Hermes products.. In love

Im such a neat freak. 

Getting ready to go out for dinner and meet some friends.

The water was so warm.

Weeee... The cheerleader is still in me 

The shells were perfect, and there were so many.

The beach was empty.. it was so romantic

Beach photoshoot... always fun LOL

Last day in Dubai.

From Dubai we went to Sri Lanka

Our Cabins on the flight to Sri Lanka...I almost died

Stars LOL.. So cool

Tounch down in Sri Lanka. 

My FAVORITE store to shop in. Prices were amazing.

My friend in Sri Lanka; Ishi. We had so much fun together.. She took me everywhere.

We went to get Henna together.

Our hands.

I went and bought lots of goodies to take home for friends and family. Everything is hand made here. I love that

The masks are their form of the Evil Eye. Im going to do an entire wall in our home.

We stopped to pick up some fruits along the road.

And of course I needed a pic <3

And went for a ride in their "taxis".. SO much FUN!!!!!! 

At lunch these "chipmunks" but they call them Squirrels, came up to me and let me feed him by hand. He ever helped himself on our table and joined us for lunch. No joke- LOL

Ishi, her friends and I at dinner. In Sri Lanka you eat with your hands.. I took the opportunity to do so as well and really enjoyed the experience. Im a pro now ;)

My first home cooked meal in our London home.

LMAO I couldnt help myself.

Obsessed with these sunglasses I got in Dubai from Dior.. Love them

It was so chilly in London I had no warm clothes. Alki took me shopping and got me this beautiful jacket from Gucci, and Wellington boots... From Valentino. 

I dont have many pictures from London. I was pretty busy setting up shop in one of our homes that we just had fixed up. We will be spending alot more time there next year and alot had to be bought and done. Simple things like blow dryers and soap we didnt have. We would normally stay in a Hotel since the house wasnt done- but we finally "moved" back in and it was so nice starting fresh. 

YAY!!!! Back to my Home Town New York.. I am currently here but leave tomorrow for florida to see some more of my Family. NY is beautiful right now, I can't believe how warm it is. Not many pics from here yet but will post some in my next post of * New Additions*.

I got SO MANY compliments on my Isabel Marrant sneakers. I also bought them in Black on Black and an obsessed.

 Thats all for now. I had alot of new things to blog about but Ill put that in a separate post. I hope you enjoyed my travel blog and will post another soon.. I promise



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